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    14th Aug, 2020
  • Sky root Aerospace, Indian aerospace start-up successfully test fired an upper stage rocket engine “Raman”.
  • India’s first 100% 3D printed bi-propellant liquid rocket engine injector named after the Nobel laureate Sir CV Raman and became the first private aerospace company in India to test a rocket engine developed in India.
  • Raman is a lightweight 3D printed rocket engine featuring a fewer number of moving parts.
  • Raman can hurl a satellite of 250 to 700 kilograms into the lower orbits.
  • Sky root developed the in-house software for launch vehicle guidance, navigation and control functions and the avionics modules of Raman are tested on-board by the company.
  • NASA astronauts fly SpaceX spacecraft ‘Dragon’, the first private company to dock with ISS.
  • Israel Successfully Launches New Spy Satellite ‘Ofek 16’ into Space Using Shavit Rocket.