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How plastic pollution affects camels in the Thar

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    9th Jan, 2021


  • A research defines ingested waste deposits get trapped in the stomach or digestive tract and form a large stone-like mass.

How the plastic waste affects camels?

  • A collection of tightly packed indigestible materials that can include plastics, ropes, other litter and salt is known as ‘polybezoar’.
  • Polybeozars lead to gastrointestinal blockages, sepsis from increased gut bacteria, dehydration and malnutrition in the ruminants.
  • In India, the camels are used in cultural events and at tourism spots. At these places, the animals would be more susceptible to ingesting single-use plastics and bags.

What are the issues with the use of plastic?

  • There is no blanket ban imposed on single use plastics and institutions have been given the independence to phase out at their own pace.
  • The major contention remains that there is no central definition of what comprises single-use plastics and at times, people confuse it with polythene bags.
  • The ambiguity around the definition and the measures to effectively phase out plastic could adversely affect any sort of ban.

How the situation can be improved?

  • Improved waste management
  • Alternative systems to package and deliver goods
  • Awareness generation among the people
  • Ban on single use plastics

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