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Insects are crucial for ecological balance

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    9th Jan, 2021


  • Climate change has pushed environmental and sustainable development regarding biodiversity issues and the ecological importance of insects cannot be ignored.

What could be the harmful impacts of the insect extinction?

  • Their extinction can have a cascading effect on the upper levels of the food pyramid.
  • The pollination can be impacted at a large extent.
  • This can leads to loss of plants species that depend on the insects for pollination.

What are the factors which could lead to their extinction?

  • Insects are increasingly susceptible to extinction due to increasing climate crisis
  • Rampant and indiscriminate use of chemicals in commercial agricultural practices
  • Agriculture practices such as monocropping systems
  • Climate change, forest degradation, habitat loss
  • Unavailability of hosts and nectar plant species
  • Anthropogenic activities, pollutants, climate change and rapid urbanisation

Which insects are going to be impacted most?

  • Butterflies, Dragonflies, Grasshoppers, Ants, Wild honey bees, Paper wasps, Rainbow leaf beetles, Fireflies etc.

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