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India and Taiwan Think Tanks join hands for Indo-Pacific Cooperation

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    14th Oct, 2020
  • The NationalMaritimefoundationof India and Taiwan Asia Exchange Foundation recently signed a memorandum of understanding to foster cooperation in the Indo-pacific region.
  • The think tanks will set up a joint task force to deepen the bilateral dialogue in the Indo-pacific region.
  • They will also conduct joint Research and expand cooperation.
  • The Asia exchange Foundation is waiting for the covid-19 travel restrictions to get over in order to send a delegation to India to hold direct talks.
  • The foundation is the organiser of the Yushan Forum.
  • Taiwan recently named India as one of its new south bound policy target countries.
  • Southboundpolicy: the Government of Taiwan is to enhance cooperation with 18 South Asian, South East Asian countries and Australia. The aim of the policy is to make Taiwan less dependent on the China mainland.
  • Taiwan Asia exchange Foundationit is the first policy-based think tank of Taiwan. It focuses on South Asia and South East Asian countries. The goal of the organization is to promote comprehensive ties between ASEAN countries and Taiwan.
  • National Maritime Foundation: It is a Non-governmental think tank that aims to study and analyse issues of maritime domain. Organized by the National Maritime Foundation. It is considered as a knowledge partner of Indian Navy.It was established in 2005.
  • Indo Pacific regional dialogue: It was first conceptualized in 2018. The main objective of the dialogue is to review India’s opportunities and challenges in the indo-pacific region
  • India-TaiwanIndia has not formally recognized Taiwan so far. This means that India is formally adhering to One China policy.
  • However, in May 2020 India attended the newly elected president of Taiwan Tsai’s swearing in ceremony. Also, in July 2020 India appointed A top career diplomat as its new envoy to Taiwan.

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