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Inscription on Vijayanagar king’s death discovered

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    26th Feb, 2021


The first-ever epigraphical reference to the date of death of Vijayanagar king Krishnadevaraya has been discovered at Honnenahalli in Tumakuru district of Karnataka.

What did the inscription tells?

  • Krishnadevaraya, one of the greatest emperors of India who ruled from the South, died on October 17, 1529, and incidentally this day was marked by a lunar eclipse.

About Krishnadeva Raya

  • Krishnadevaraya was born to Nagala Devi and Tuluva Narasa Nayaka.
  • The Tulava dynasty was founded by Krishnadevaraya’s father and Krishnadevaraya was the third ruler in this dynasty.
  • Tulavas were staunch Vaishnavites.
  • Krishnadevaraya is also known as Andhra Bhoja and Kannada Rajya Ramana in honor of his victories and conquests of lands in the Krishna-Tungabhadra basin
  • He built the Vithalaswamy temple and the Hazar Rama Temple in the Hoysala style of architecture.
  • He took active steps to promote agriculture by building dams and irrigation canals.
  • He set up a system of provincial government with himself as the absolute head and with trusted aides as governors of smaller provinces.
  • He had 8 Telugu scholars and poets in his court, collectively called Ashtadiggajas

Vijayanagara Empire

  • Recently Vijayanagar became 31st district of Karnataka
  • It is located in Raichur Doab between Tungabhadra and Krishna
  • It had 4 dynasties: Sangama, Saluva, Tuluva and Aravidu
  • Hampi (once its capital) is world famoud UNESCO World Heritage Site