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Jammu’s Chipko moment: protest against a plan to chop trees in Raika

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    26th Feb, 2021


In order to protest against plan to chop 38,000 trees in Raika forests, green activities started a movement similar to Chipko movement. The movement was led by Climate Front, a student-led environment awareness organization. 

What is the matter?

  • The protesters were rallying against the construction of a new High Court campus that would reportedly result in the cutting down of as many as 38,006 trees in the eco-sensitive Raika-Bahu area.
  • The proposed construction site is situated within Bahu Conservation Reserve and a part of it also falls under the Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Young environmentalists marked their protest against this deforestation plan by hugging trees in Raika village and showed solidarity for Jammu’s Chipko moment.
  • Jammu comes under the seismic zone of lV and V. This step of chopping over 38,000 trees would invite massive calamities. 

About RaikaBahu forest region

  • Raika-Bahu is an eco-sensitive area under the Bahu Conservation Reserve in Jammu.
  • It is home to species like rock pigeon, Asian koel, barn owl, red-vented bulbul, jackal, wild boar and rhesus monkey. 
  • The reserve was established in 1981.
  • It is located just 3.75 km from Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Raika-Bahu forest area is situated in the middle of the reserve along river Tawi.
  • It also supports the Gujjar community which rears goats, cows and buffaloes.

Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary

  • The sanctuary is present in Jammu.
  • The sanctuary harbors 8 mammal species which include nilgai, and barking deer, wild boar, rhesus monkey etc.
  • The sanctuary supports Indian Mynah, blue rock pigeon, peafowl, red jungle fowl, jungle crow, golden oriole, white-cheeked bulbul.
  • In addition to these, the reserve is host to 15 species of birds.

List of Wildlife Sanctuaries of J&K

  • Dachigam National Park
  • Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve
  • Jasrota National Park
  • Kishtwar High Altitude National Park
  • Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Ramnagar National Park
  • SurinsarMansar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Overa Wildlife Sanctuary

List of National Parks of J&K

  • Dachigam National Park
  • Salim Ali National Park
  • Kazinag National Park
  • Kishtwar High Altitude National Park
  • Hemis National Park