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Mahendragiri: Odisha's second biosphere reserve

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    6th Apr, 2021


The Odisha government has recommended a second biosphere reserve within the southern part of the state at Mahendragiri, a hill ecosystem having an upscale biodiversity.

About the project:

  • As per the feasibility report provided by the Biosphere Reserve Committee for the aimed project, the hill ecosystem is acting as a transitional zone between the flora and fauna of southern India and the Himalayas.
  • This makes the region an ecological bay of genetic diversity.
  • This move will give India its 19th Biosphere reserve and Odisha its 2nd.

About Mahendragiri Hills:

  • The mountain is situated in the Gajapati district of the coastal state. The hill acts as a transition between South India and The Himalayan mountains.
  • The hill habitats abundant biodiversity of plants and vegetation and are part of the Eastern Ghats.
  • It is at a height of 1,501 meters. Mahendragiri hill is the second highest peak in the state.
  • The hill is home to the Soura people, a particularly vulnerable tribal group. It also hosts the Kandha tribe.
  • The exuberant flora in Mahendragiri represents about half of the reported flora of Odisha. The hill also has luxuriant vegetation.
  • It is also one of the most visited trekking spots in Odisha.

Quick facts for Prelims

  • The Similipal Biosphere Reserve in Odisha’s first biosphere reserve. It was notified in 1996.
  • The highest mountain Peak of Odisha: Deomali