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Pripyat River

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    5th Sep, 2020
  • Recently World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature has warned that dredging of Pripyat River could wreak havoc on an estimated 28 million people in Ukraine.
  • Pripyat River flows near the site of the infamous nuclear accident at Chernobyl.
  • It is Ukraine’s most important river, on which its capital city of Kiev is located.
  • The city of Pripyat, with a population of 45,000, was completely evacuated after the Chernobyl disaster and is now a ghost town.
  • The Pripyat River is being dredged as part of the restoration of a bilateral waterway between Ukraine and Belarus and is being seen as the first step of the much larger E40 project.
    • The E40 project envisions connecting the Black and Baltic Seas for ocean-going ships to ply.
    • It seeks to connect the ports of Gdansk in Poland on the Baltic, with that of Kherson in Ukraine on the Black Sea.
    • The Pripyat will become a permanent source of radioactive contaminants because annual dredging will be needed to ensure the successful operation of the E40 waterway.
  • The dredging of Chernobyl exclusion zone on Pripyat River could increase the radiation risk.

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