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Rotation profile of the Sun based on century-old sunspot images

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    16th Feb, 2021


A team of international solar researchers has designed a rotation profile of the Sun after studying the varying behaviors of sunspots observed over 100 years.

About the rotation profile

  • The design of the solar rotation profil is based on the rotation of Sunspots.
  • It says that the bigger sunspots rotate at a slower rate in comparison to the smaller ones.
  • The presence of strong magnetic fields around bigger sunspots prevents them from having a faster rotation rate. And, the smaller spots rotate at a much faster rate.

What are Sunspots?

  • They are small and dark areas on the solar surface.
  • They are comparatively cooler areas.
  • They have strong magnetic forces.

How the rotation of the Sun is different from the rotation of Earth?

  • Unlike Earth, which is a solid mass of body having uniform rotation, the Sun has differential rates of rotation.
  • This means the solar equator rotates faster than its poles.

Significance of the design

  • It will help in understanding the solar dynamo.
  • It can give a better insight into the solar cycle.
  • It will help in predicting how the Sun will behave in the future.