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The State of Global Air report 2020 released

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    23rd Oct, 2020
  • The report was released by US based institutes- Health Effects Institute and Institute for Health metrics and evaluation.
  • The report has been created based on data from ground monitors and satellites.
  • According to the report, India recorded the highest PM 2.5 exposure in the world in 2019.
  • India was followed by Nepal and Niger.
  • India is one of the Top 10 countries that has highest Ozone exposure.
  • In the past 10 years the Ozone concentration in India has increased by 17 %.
  • Globally Ozone exposure has increased from 47.3 part per billion to 49.5 parts per billion.
  • India had the highest number of Infant deaths due to air pollution. India was followed by Nigeria, Pakistan and Ethiopia.
  • Around 1.67 million deaths occurred in India due to long term exposure of outdoor pollution. The total death in the world in this category was 6.7 million.
  • Air pollution is the fourth highest risk in creating death out of 87 health risk factors.Out of the 20 most populous countries 14 had improved in air quality. However, countries such as India, Niger, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Japan recorded modest increase in pollution levels.
  • The Government of India has launched PradhanMantriUjjwalaYojana to reduce the number of people exposed to household air pollution. After the launch of the scheme, number of people exposed to air pollution reduced from 73 % to 61 %. The scheme aims to provide liquefied Petroleum gas to every household mainly focusing on the rural household.

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