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Economical nonsurgical prevention of cataract

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    5th Aug, 2020
  • A team of scientists from the Institute of Nano Science & Technology (INST), an autonomous institute under the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India has developed Nano rods from Aspirin and found it to be an effective non–invasive small molecule-based Nano therapeutics against cataract.
  • Their research published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry B.
  • The aspirin Nano rods prevent the aggregation of crystalline protein and various peptides derived from its fragmentation, which play a crucial role in cataract formation.
  • Cataract a major form of blindness that occurs when the structure of crystalline proteins that make up the lens in our eyes deteriorates, causing damaged or disorganised proteins to aggregate and form a milky blue or brown layer, which ultimately affects lens transparency.
  • Thus, prevention of the formation of these aggregates as well as their destruction in the early stage of disease progression is a major treatment strategy for cataracts.

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