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India’s National Plastic Surgery Day gets global acceptance

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    16th Jul, 2021


July 15 is announced to be observed as World Plastic Surgery Day by the Association of Plastic Surgeons.

About the World Plastic Surgery Day

  • The concept of National Plastic Surgery Day came in 2011 to create awareness of plastic surgery.
  • Every plastic surgeon in the country did one free surgery to mark the inaugural year.
  • Plastic surgery originated from India and Sushruta is hailed by all as the founder of plastic surgery.


  • He was an ancient Indian physician and surgeon known today as the “Father of Indian Surgery” and “Father of Plastic Surgery” for inventing and developing surgical procedures.
  • He is said to be born in 800 BCE in the Kingdom of Kashi, Aryavartha.
  • His work on the subject, the SushrutaSamhita (Sushruta's Compendium) is considered the oldest text in the world on plastic surgery.
  • The other books of the trilogy of Ayurvedic Medicine are CharakaSamhita, which preceded it, and the AstangaHridaya, which followed it.