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Source - Sink Dynamics in Tiger population

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    5th Aug, 2020
  • Source–sink dynamics is a theoretical model used by ecologists to describe how variation in habitat quality may affect the population growth or decline of organisms.
  • In this model, organisms occupy two patches of habitat.
    • Source, is a high-quality habitat that on average allows the population to increase.
    • Sink, is very low-quality habitat that, on its own, would not be able to support a population.
  • However, if the excess of individuals produced in the source frequently moves to the sink, the sink population can persist indefinitely.
  • The tiger survey has highlighted that the tiger population in the source-sink is in the ratio of 60:40.
  • 33% of the tiger population in India lives outside its source i.e., tiger reserves.
  • 17/50 tiger reserves in India are going to achieve its maximum capacity to hold the tiger populations.
  • Tiger survey suggested that there is a need to create buffer areas around the habitat zones of tigers where guided land-use and faster conservation interventions can help reduce human-tiger conflict.

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