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Trial run of Delhi’s buses on Hydrogen-blended CNG (HCNG) launched

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    23rd Oct, 2020

  • The trial run of Delhi’s buses on Hydrogen-blended CNG (HCNG) was recently launched.
  • Under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas.
  • HCNG is a hydrogen-enriched compressed natural gas (CNG).
  • In Delhi, instead of physically blending hydrogen with CNG, hydrogen spiked CNG will be produced using compact reforming process patented by Indian Oil Corporation.
  • H-CNG blends can be produced directly from CNG, bypassing the energy-intensive electrolysis process and high-pressure blending costs.
  • The flexible and robust process allows the production of H-CNG on-site, in less severe conditions, and under low pressure.
  • It provides a higher yield H-CNG mixture by up to 4% to 5% compared to CNG’s input quantity.
  • The cost of H-CNG production by the above process is about 22% cheaper than conventional physical blending.
  • Mixing hydrogen with CNG physically is a difficult proposition and that is why IOCL came up with the compact reforming process, which reforms CNG and there is no need for mixing.

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