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Using AI, scientists develop new method to counter mutations in coronavirus

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    9th Feb, 2021


Researchers have developed a new method to counter emergent mutations of the coronavirus. The new method can hasten vaccine development to stop the pathogen.

Working of the model

  • The AI-assisted method predicted 26 potential vaccines that would be effective against the coronavirus.
  • From those, the scientists identified the best 11 from which to construct a multi-epitope vaccine, which can attack the spike proteins that the coronavirus uses to bind and penetrate a host cell.
  • Vaccines target the region — or epitope — of the contagion to disrupt the spike protein, neutralizing the ability of the virus to replicate.


  • Speeding the process: This artificial intelligence (AI) model can help in speeding the process of vaccine development.
  • Analysis of potential mutation: The method is easily adaptable to analyze potential mutations of the virus.
  • Quick solution: It helps in quick ensuring the best possible vaccines.

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