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Vajra Prahar exercise

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    30th Aug, 2022


Recently, the 13th edition of the 21-day India-US Joint Special Forces Exercise Vajra Prahar 2022 culminated at Bakloh in Himachal Pradesh.

About Vajra Prahar exercise

  • Exercise VAJRA PRAHAR 2022 is an annual exercise that is hosted alternatively between India and the United States.
    • The 12th edition VAJRA PRAHAR exercise was conducted at Joint Base Lewis Mc Chord, Washington (USA) in October 2021.
  • The joint exercise by the Special Forces of both the countries is conducted alternatively between India and the United States. 
    • Special Forces are the units of a country's armed forces that undertake covert, counterterrorist, and other specialized operations.

Other Military Exercises between India-USA

  • YudhAbhyas: Indian and USA armies
  • Cope India: Indian and USA Air Forces
  • Malabar Exercise: Navies of India, USA, and Japan
  • The Vajra Prahar series of joint exercises aims to share best practices and experiences in areas such as joint mission planning and operational tactics as also to improve interoperability between the Special Forces of both Nations.
    • The 21-day joint training provided an opportunity for the Special Forces from both nations to train in Air Borne Operations, Special Operations and Counter Terrorism operations in a joint environment under United Nations Charter.
  • Host:This annual exercise is hosted alternatively between India and the United States.

Phases of the exercise

  • The exercise was conducted in two phases:The first phase involved combat conditioning and tactical level special missions training exercises.
  • The second phase included 48 hours of validation of training received by both contingents in the first phase. 


  • Security challenges: Exercise is significant in terms of security challenges faced by both nations in the backdrop of the current global situation.
  • Traditional bond of friendship:The joint military exercise has further strengthened the traditional bond of friendship between the special forces of both Nations as well as improved bilateral defence cooperation between India and the US.

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