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Raychaudhuri Equation

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    13th Oct, 2020

  • Recently, Kolkata-born physicist Amal Kumar Raychaudhuri was in news when British physicist
  • DrRoger Penrose was awarded half the Nobel Prize in Physics 2020 for his work on black holes.
    • The Raychaudhuri Equation in General Relativity was derived by Raychaudhuri.
    • It is a fundamental result in general relativity which describes how nearby bits of matter move.
    • The Equation was discovered independently by Raychaudhuri and Soviet physicist Lev Landau as a simple, general validation of the expectation that gravitation is a universal force that attracts objects with mass and energy (and Newton’s theory of gravitation).
    • The Raychaudhuri Equation continues to be a key tool in investigating the behaviour of black hole horizons in modern physics.

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