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Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

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    13th Oct, 2020

  • A rare Rose-breasted Grosbeak was recently found in Pennsylvania, USA.
  • It is a bird with both female and male plumage colors (sexually dimorphic).
  • It derives its name from the male of the species who have a ruby-red triangular marking on a white chest and dark black wings with pink wing pits.
  • The females are much less showy, with no patches on its beige body, brown wings and yellow wing pits.
  • Breeding habitat consists of cool-temperate open deciduous woods in eastern North America. They migrate to tropical America in winter.
  • IUCN status: Least Concern.
  • Bilateral gynandromorphism means the bird is both male and female, with one ovary and one testis.
  • This occurs when two sperms fertilize an egg that has two nuclei instead of one, due to which the egg develops chromosome from each sex.
  • It is often seen in insects but gynandromorphy birds, snakes, lobsters and other animals have also been observed.

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