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Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 causes higher cytotoxicity in human lung cells: study

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    14th Oct, 2020

  • Higher cytotoxicity in human lung cells suggested due to presence of Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5
  • A recent study – ‘Insights on the biological role of ultrafine particles of size PM<0.25: a prospective study from New Delhi’ was conducted recently.
  • Proportion of Ultrafine Particles: Particulate matter of below 0.25 micrometers constituted the highest share in the composition of PM2.5 around the year as compared to particles of other sizes.
  • Exposure to ultrafine particles of below 0.25 micrometers was also associated with over two-fold higher cytotoxicity as compared to exposure to other sizes.
  • Reasons:a) Celebration of Diwali. b) Stubble burning in neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana. c) Secondary formation of particles due to favorable meteorological conditions.
  • The low temperature and high humidity during winter nights enhance the fog-smog-fog cycle and result in 2-3-fold increase in PM concentration compared to pre-monsoon and South-West monsoon season.
  • Health Impacts: Stroke, Lung cancer, Other heart and lung related problems.

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