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India will also get 3 Missiles from France to be integrated in Raphael aircrafts

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    29th Jul, 2020
  • Meteor:

    A Beyond Visual Range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM)
    • BVRAAM = Even if the pilot cannot locate enemy aircraft with his eyes, he can aim and fire the missile which will hit the enemy aircraft.
    • Range: Over 150 km, with 60 km of No Escape Zone (no fighter jet can be missed within 60km of this missile).
    • Powered by a unique rocket-ramjet motor that gives it far more engine power for much longer than any other missile.
    • Have a no-escape zone many times greater than any other air-to-air missile.
    • Every missile has a ‘no escape zone’, if a target aircraft is within this zone, it is hard for it to evade the missile and save itself. Greater the ‘no escape zone’, better is the missile
  •  SCALP:
    • A deep-strike stand-off attack air-to-ground cruise missile
    • Also known as Storm Shadow.
    • Range: over 300 km (i.e., Indian jets would not need to cross LoC for conducting Balakot-type operation).
  • Known for pinpoint terminal accuracy to hit fixed and stationary targets in land or in waters.
    It is a stealth weapon. i.e., it cannot be easily tracked by enemy.

    • Multi-mission air-to-air missiles.
    • Its active RADAR and imaging infrared makes it deadly in a close-quarter dogfight and also in long ‘beyond-visual’ range.
    • Have a nickname ‘silent killer’ as the target has little time to react before it is destroyed completely.

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