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What is holographic imaging?

17 October at 11:27 AM by 10Pointer

MACS-6478 wheat variety doubles farmers’ yield

17 October at 11:24 AM by 10Pointer

What is New Shephard, the rocket system?

17 October at 11:22 AM by 10Pointer

Tech for Tribals launched

15 October at 03:32 PM by 10Pointer

Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN):

15 October at 03:20 PM by 10Pointer

10 Pointer

Teaching is the process of attending to people’s needs, experiences and feelings, and intervening so that they learn particular things, and go beyond the given. But, why is everyone in such a rush? Self-education can be a wonderful possibility. Self-education is good for just about any branch of knowledge or skills you want to acquire. Main aim of the 10 pointer is to support students for self-education.

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